A Knowledge Base to Make You a Better Investor

We’re proud to educate as well as manage. Property owners learn from us: we teach you how to improve the financial performance of your property, how to understand the local market, and how to master it.

A relationship with IPS is an education, giving you a keener perspective on your income property investment. Our clients reexamine old assumptions about apartment and commercial real estate investing and reconsider market factors as they purchase or sell properties.

Has a wave of new construction drawn attention to buildings renovated to like new condition? Is your due diligence thorough enough to spot properties that would cost an arm and a leg to reposition or retrofit? Are new demographics affecting the demand for two-bedroom units versus one-bedroom or studio units? What companies are adding employees? What companies are reducing staffs? What would it take to raise rents? How accurate are your projected rents and expenses? Where can you cut costs and how much capital should you have in reserve for repairs? Our knowledge helps investors better answer these questions.

We also help apartment owners to imagine and implement those subtle gestures of tenant appreciation that create community. We assist them in determining the frequency of quality control surveys and annual inspections to gauge repair programs, improvements, and rent increases.