IPS Goes Above and Beyond to Meet Your Needs

Income Property Specialists not only focuses on the value and performance of your investments, we set the standards for unparalleled client service and communication. We give you the recommendations and information you need to make sound business decisions for your real estate investments, and then we implement those decisions so you don’t have to worry about the details.


Status Quo Isn’t Good Enough for IPS

Have you ever noticed how most property management firms say the same thing? They’ll collect the rents, they’ll pay the bills, and they’ll find good tenants and keep them happy. It’s all about maintaining the status quo. If all your management company focuses on is maintaining the status quo, that could be leaving money on the table – your money!

IPS will identify opportunities to reduce expenses, increase revenue, enhance cash flow and get that money where it belongs – in your bank account!


We Provide More

We analyze your property’s cash flow and potential, and we help you address some of your biggest concerns head-on: marketing, raising rents, filling vacancies and improving the ability of the property to earn more income.

We focus on the management of 30+ unit apartment properties, self-storage facilities and commercial properties in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. We take a macroeconomic view of population and employment trends, competing properties, development pipelines and other economic indicators and apply it to the microeconomics of your properties, improving the potential for your properties’ public relations and marketing, resident/prospect perception, and revenue.


We’ll Treat Your Property as If It Were Our Own

Or as several of our clients say: “even better.” That’s because we make objective business decisions and know how to intelligently save money and increase revenue, along with where and when to spend money for a solid ROI.

We provide property management and investment analysis for major real estate investors, chief executives of Fortune 100 companies, and ordinary people – like you. We’ve rescued under-performing properties from the inattention of other management firms. We’ve eliminated middle-of-the-night phone calls, relieved the burdens of property management and provided peace of mind to dozens of people who previously managed their own properties – often times increasing their net cash flow to more than offset our property management fees.

Our consistent attention to detail, comprehensive reporting, market updates, thorough tenant screening, and ideas for revenue optimization have helped all types of properties produce more net profits, resulting in increased asset value, for their owners.

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