“Trust begins to emerge when we have a sense that another person or organization is driven by things other than their own self gain.”
– Simon Sinek, Author, Start with Why


“IPS has done an extraordinary job operating our 60 unit apartment building in San Jose. Income Property Specialists has substantially improved both the net operating income and the property itself in the six months they have managed the property. I have never before been as happy with the aggressiveness, judgment, cooperativeness, and energy of any management organization.”

Paul Elis

PMB Capital Management, Inc.

“IPS does a wonderful job in maximizing occupancy while insuring that rents are at or above market rates and expenses well controlled. I very much appreciate their attention to maximizing cash flow for the investors by their attention to detail and preventing unnecessary expense and repairs.

The financial performance speaks for itself. Over the past three years, Castlemont has had vacancy rates below the market while expenses have been well below the industry average. The results are an excellent return for the investors.”

Walter J. Sousa

(Walter Sousa was the Chairman and CEO of AT&T, Asia/Pacific Region. Walter and his wife own a 64 unit apartment complex in Sunnyvale.)

“CARMAR Investments decided several years ago to turn over management of one of our two apartments to Income Property Specialists. Our principal objective was to improve the direct day-to-day supervision of on-site management, and to begin a program of building and unit improvements, which would translate into an ability to command greater rents. We had tried other property management firms in the past and were disappointed by their lack of a coherent plan of attack and of their uneven level of performance.

IPS quickly translated our goals and objectives into a set of realistic proposed actions which over time have not only addressed our concerns for the operational integrity of our property, but have also dealt with issues relating to both income and expense management.

Over time, IPS has steadily addressed our original objectives as though they were partners in the process.”

James Caratozzolo

(Jim is a partner in CARMAR Investments, a partnership that owns a 16 and 18 unit apartment complex in San Jose.)

“IPS is very proactive, frequently jumping in preemptive and proactively to identify ways to improve our operations. They are transparent in their operations and provide us with clear reporting and recommendations. IPS treats our building and money like it’s their own.”

Larry Simi

“IPS has delivered on all their promises. They handle problems and are very proactive. They are very responsive and easily reachable if I have a question. They also provide excellent insight on reading the tea leaves of market intelligence.”

S. Chang

“After years of managing our own properties we are very hands off now as IPS has proven themselves and we trust them to put our interests first. Now we just look at monthly reports, cash checks, and can focus on other business opportunities.”

Jim Barrow